Scholarships Awarded

Every year the Foundation provides Scholarships with Australian Universities for young students in their early years of tertiary study.

Year Award Awardee Course of Study Tertiary Institution Mentor Donor Status
Ms Georgia Desideri-Zigante
The University of Sydney
Ms Bonnie Boezeman AO
Ms Alexis Bocking
The University of Canberra
Ms Shannon Battisson
Galvin Foundation
No scholarships awarded during the Covid-19 year when many events were cancelled.
Ms Shanae Kuo
Secondary Education
Charles Darwin
Mrs Judy Boland AM
The Order of Australia
Mr Nicholas Simm
Commerce & Languages
University of Adelaide
Mr Colin Dunsford AM
Mr Ross Adler AC
Mr Jeremy Doupe
Business & Economics
University of Melbourne
Mr Chris Leptos AM
Craig Joel
(family of Jack Mayer Joel OAM)
Ms Hannah Gandy
La Trobe University
The Hon. Ms Julia Gillard
Freemasons Victoria
Supported by Freemasons
Victoria Foundation Ltd
Ms Juanita Kelly-Mundine
Art Conservation
University of Melbourne
Mr Tony Ellwood AM
Mr Gordon Darling
Mr Mark Munnich
Charles Darwin University
The Honourable Austin
Asche AC QC
Mr Nicholas Paspaley AC
Indigenous Scholarship
Mr Jordan Eitler
Law & Criminology
Deakin University
Mr William Lye OAM
The Order of Australia
Association, Vic Branch
Miss Kaveri Pathak
Electrical Engineering
University of Queensland
Adj Prof. Brian O’Keeffe
Adj. Prof Brian O’Keeffe
Mr Matthew Connolly
University of Melbourne
Mrs Linda Nicholls AO
Mr Paul Wheelton OAM
Miss Sarah Starnovsky
Business & Commerce and Law
Western Sydney University
Ms Bonnie Boezeman AO
The Hon. Nick Greiner AC
Miss Danielle Hardie
(Mrs Danielle Brown)
Animal & Agricultural Science
University of Adelaide
Mr Andrew Ingliss AM
The Riddiford Trust
Miss Vaishali Ghosh
Electrical/Electronic Engineering
University of Adelaide
Adj. Prof. Brian O’Keeffe
Mr Robert G Gerard AO
Mr Tom Crowhurst
University of Melbourne
Mr Chris Leptos AM
COL John Wertheimer AM
Mr Hugh Morgan AC
Miss Emma Goode
University of Adelaide
Maj General the Honourable Michael Jeffery AC AO (Mil) CVO MC (Retd)
Mr Andrew Ingliss AM
The Riddiford Trust
Mr Benjamin Knight
Law & Commerce
Monash University
Mr Michael Robinson AO
The Riddiford Trust
Mr Aaron Moss
Law & Arts
University of Tasmania
Mr Ron Banks AM
The Order of Australia Association Foundation
Mr James Broinowski
Viticulture & Oenology
University of Adelaide
Waite Institute
Mr Brian Croser AO
Mr Baillieu Myer AC
Made first batch of Shiraz
Ms Alexandra Grigg
Economics & Finance
University of Adelaide
Ms Jillian Broadbent AO
Mr Ross Adler AC
The Riddiford Trust
Graduated with Honours
Ms Karynne Lake
Social Work
Charles Darwin University
Dr Tom Calma AO
Mr Nicholas Paspaley AC
Indigenous Scholarship
  Miss Kate McCambridge Business + Arts University of Tasmania Mr Michael Kent AM Tote Tasmania  
  Mr Tyrone Van Dyk Business University of Tasmania Mr Ron Banks AM Agility Interactive Graduated; Tasmanian Govt Audit Award, Chartered Accountants Award
  Ms Alyssa Fitzpatrick Medicine University of Adelaide Dr Michael Rice AM Mrs Diana Ramsay AO Awarded Rhodes Scholarship 2012
  Mr Mark Hassall Medicine University of Adelaide Em Prof Derek Frewin AO Dr David Game AO Awarded Rhodes Scholarship 2011
  Ms Pallavi Gosain Biomedical Engineering University of NSW Dr Robert Frater AO ResMed Graduated
  James Hicks Business (Management) & Engineering (Mechanical) Swinburne University of Technology Mr Graham Kraehe AO Mr David Mandie AM, OBE Graduated
  Rebecca Evans Teaching & Learning Charles Darwin University Mrs Wendy James OAM The Order of Australia Association Graduated
  Jarrod Hodgson Arts/Science (Geography & Conservation Biology) Monash University Mr Chris Leptos AM The Finkel Foundation Graduated
  Sara Farnbach Nursing University of Canberra Ms Kaye Hogan AM The Order of Australia Association Graduated from UC Bachelor of Nursing in Dec 2008, Graduated Master of Public Health & Tropical Medicine at JCU
  Glenn Smith Commerce & Law University of Adelaide Mr Ross Adler AC Mr Ross Adler AC Graduated Bachelor of Commerce 2009, now pursuing Law degree
  Tom Molomby Electrical Engineering & Science University of NSW Dr Peter Farrell AM Farrell Family (thru San Diego Foundation) 2 yr exchange at French engineering school Centrale Paris
  Amelia Parker Engineering (Biomedical) & Science (Biochemistry) University of Sydney Prof. David Burke AO Cochlear Foundation Ltd Work placement at Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Prize Ashley Hunt Chemical Engineering Curtin University of Technology Mr Robert King OAM Westfield Foundation Graduated Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (Honours) 2008
Prize Jarrad Cody Electrical & Mechatronic Engineering University of SA Mr David Klingberg AO Robert Gerard AO Graduated Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Mechatronic) First Class Honours 2008
Prize Johanna Elms Advanced Science
University of NSW Prof. Stella O’Donnell AO Westfield Foundation Graduated, Bachelor Advanced Science (Pharmacology) First Class Honours 2008,
Graduated MBBS at UQ
Prize Laurie Pearcey International Studies University of NSW Mr Sam Wong AM Westfield Foundation Graduated Bachelor of International Studies (Asian Studies) 2009
Bursary Melissa Bowtell Occupational Therapy University of Queensland Dr Cherrell Hirst AO Westfield Foundation Graduated Bachelor of Occupational Therapy 2007
Bursary Nicholas Clements Arts University of Tasmania Dr Kalev Kruup OAM Estate of George Adams Graduated Bachelor of Arts (Hons) First Class Honours 2007
Bursary Jason Ford Advanced Diploma of Engineering Tech (Civil) Victoria University Mr John B Laurie AC Estate of George Adams Graduated: Advanced Diploma of Civil Engineering 2008, then Graduated :Degree Civil Engineering).
Bursary Andrew Johnson Advanced Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design) Victoria University Mr Harold Mitchell AO Estate of George Adams Graduated Diploma of Graphic Arts and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design 2007
Bursary Emily Bond Diploma of Animal Technology Victoria University Prof. Wayne Morrison AM Westfield Foundation Graduated Diploma of Animal Technology 2006
Bursary Rahul Khubchandani Engineering and Commerce University of Western Australia Mr Dennis Glennon AO Mr Hugh Morgan AC Graduated Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce (First Class Honours) 2007. MBA Cambridge 2014
Bursary Felicia Eng Commerce and Science University of Melbourne Prof. Adrienne Clarke AC Mr Hugh Morgan AC Graduated Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Bachelor of Science 2007
Bursary Natalie Rainger Graduate Medical Degree University of Sydney Dr John Yu AC Mr Hugh Morgan AC Graduated Bachelor of Medicine/Surgical Hons 2006