Frequently Asked Questions

Are donations to the Foundation Tax deductible?

Donations of $2 and over are Tax Deductible. As soon as is possible after receipt of a donation, a letter of thanks and a receipt generated through the software program the Foundation uses are sent to the donor, either by post or email.

Would the Foundation give publicity to the donor and/or their business should they agree?

A small donation would have no public recognition, as such. Donors whose donations total over $1,000 (and this can be cumulative over the financial year) are recognised, in print, in the annual report that is available to all. Donors who sponsor an actual scholarship are most definitely acknowledged publicly. Scholarship donors are invited to attend the OAA Annual Conference dinner and are seated with the scholarship recipient & their chosen 2 guests.

Could the Donor stipulate that the funds be only used to support a worthy young person from a specific geographic region?

“Complete Scholarship” donors can stipulate the university from which the scholarship recipient will come. And, indeed, can stipulate the degree course the recipient is to be undertaking. Also, we now have the commendable situation where members of the WA branch of the Order of Australia Association have been invited to make whatever size donation they wish individually and the donations are being “collected” until there are the funds to sponsor an entire scholarship by the WA branch.

Is it appropriate for a Member of my Committee to discuss the matter of the donation to the Foundation with the possible donor in the first instance?

It is free to approach potential donors and also can approach Foundation Board members for guidance/advice.