Twenty-three-year-old Nicholas has completed a Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of International Studies and is now enrolled in a Master of Commerce by coursework and a Diploma of Languages (German), at The University of Adelaide. He has maintained excellent results throughout his studies.

In relation to a career path he admits “I have a passion to solve financial problems and to help others reach their financial goals by generating real income by assembling a wealth accumulation strategy”. He is conscious of the changing needs of clients as work and family situations change. Alternatively, he is also fascinated by accounting “as it involves working with a strict set of rules and numbers which is my natural talent”. To this end he has enrolled in a Master of Commerce Degree this year in order to choose a combination of accounting and finance subjects to clarify his real interests. He is keen to seek the advice of his mentor to help outline effective career paths.

At University Nicholas has volunteered with Student Health and Wellbeing. He leads a team of five other volunteers to help promote resources to assist new students adapt to University life and also life as a young adult. Within the University Volleyball Club he attracts new players by linking with schools in the area, to assist in a smooth transition to playing when they enter University. He is Head Coach of the beginners Volleyball with the aim of teaching basic skills, developing fitness training regimes and generating a keen sense of team identity. The University has acknowledged his efforts with several certificates for special service awards.

Outside of University Nicholas is Treasurer of the Australian Fairy Tale Society in New South Wales. He responded to an advertisement for someone to compile their monthly financial statements and produce the Annual Financial Reports. In 2019
he completed an internship with the American Chamber of Commerce to investigate the state of trade and investment between the United States and South Australia. A second research internship in 2019 – The Digital Youth Program –collected data from SA High Schools about cyber risk taking.

In all, Nicholas Simm displays a supportive, caring attitude and an ability to meet and inspire others. He is aware of ‘the big picture’ and mindful of comprehensive ways in which to pursue his passions. He will effect change, thrive on multiple challenges and display thorough analytical technical skills.

Donor: Mr Ross Adler AC
Mentor: Mr Colin Dunsford AM