Nicholas Theodore James Paspaley AC

Mr Paspaley is the Executive Chairman of the Paspaley Pearls Group, which today in addition to pearling, has businesses in other industries including jewellery production and retailing, marine engineering, aviation, and rural, wine and commercial properties.

Mr Paspaley joined the family business in 1969. He became the first person in the world to successfully cultivate the giant South Sea pearl oysters. As a result, Paspaley Group was able to rise to the challenge of delivering the world’s most beautiful pearls to the exacting requirements of the leading international jewellery houses, including Tiffany & Co and Cartier.

Mr Paspaley has been responsible for developing the systems and techniques that took pearling into the 21st century. Paspaley is one of the world’s only fully vertically integrated South Sea pearling operations, pioneering production technologies and methods that have been widely adopted as the industry standard.

Mr Paspaley is a Director of The Order of Australia Association Foundation Ltd since 2004.