The Association provides fellowship for members of the Order. Members of the Association participate in events recognising the Order and new recipients of awards. Association membership also provides opportunities for ongoing support to the community through initiatives like the Branch’s projects. If you are an Australian recipient in the Order of Australia, and wish to join the Association, please contact us by telephone, email or post.


Our community activity initiatives allow Association members to involve themselves in working with the community in a number of areas. The Branch Newsletter pages provides more details about these and other Branch initiatives.


We understand that it is not always easy to recognise those who have made a significant difference in their community, to Australian life or to humanity at large. Additionally, not all individuals or organisations may have the experience to prepare a nomination of a citizen for an Australia wide merit based award.

Each branch or regional group is available to provide assistance with the preparation of nominations to the Order. If you know an Australian who has made a significant difference in your community, but are not sure about how to prepare a nomination for Australian Honours, please contact us by telephone, email or post.